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n io. Oxen and small cattle : ba .i. fál etarba damscuithe (v.l. damsguithi) `ba, i.e. a hedge, a fence of oxen and small animals,' O'Dav. 327 ; cf. Laws iv 112. 6 (where scuithe is contrasted with dam): mad nochtaile gebaidh side fri damscuithe (sic leg.) it shall resist oxen and small cattle.


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n d, f. An ox-hide : sciath fora chliu...ba leithiu indá damseche SR 5772 . a s. oensúil ina chind lethidir damseche BDD 44. 4 . n p. curach...i ndechadh cethracha daimṡeiche do dhoinnlethar SG 343. 25 . g p. a chathchriss curad do chotutlethar cruaid do formna secht ndamseched ndartada LU 79 a 38 .


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n o,m. One that grants, permits, allows, tolerates P. O'C. Cf. daimid.


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I Adj. teaching, ruling , Dinn.

II Subst. one that teaches, rules; a student P. O'C. Dinn. Cf. dám.


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n later i, f. vn. of daimid. Originally dat. acc. sg. of †damthu; the relation between this and détiu is the same as that between damad and dét `was granted.'

Act of yielding, granting, allowing.

(a) síth nó comsossod do damthain (v.l. damachtain) do gallaib, Cog. 64. 33 . ba hingnadh la cách Aedh die dhaimthin sin do Cháilti RC xiii 8. 22 .—ABS. rop ingnad ri fiannaib Find damthain dAed dḟir i nhErind, Ériu v 223 l. 72 . Cf. the absolute use of daimim RC vii 300. 7 .

(b) as a law term with cert, cóir, cubaid, dliged &c.: main iar nanmain .i. gan dligedh do damthain, Laws i 254. 27 . fri dlighedh .i. do damthain, ib. 284. 43 . robo cóir dliged do damthain di, ib. iv 10. 16 .


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n o,m. A bull. METAPH. a champion : fri damtharb na Troi .i. fri Hechtoir BB 429 a 16 .


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n t, f. Ox-fire = huge fire , Meyer. dréchtfaid an dubhalaṁ (i.e. dub-alam) re dreich na daimteinedh ZCP viii 212. 2 = dresfid an dubthalam fri dreich na damthenead, Lec. ( ZCP x 370 ).


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n io, n. Ox-cutting (βούτομον), Sg 68 b 11 .


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n vn. of daimid. See damthain.


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ind damun .i. doilig, Stowe Gl. 121 . Not suffi- ciently supported.


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n an outpouring, effusion .

(a) of water : dobert in cnói nolla forsin cloich co matain...conid amlaid fosfuair arabárach ┐ in damuscach usci oc tepersain esti LB 126 b 50 .

(b) of sweat : in damuscach allais tanic trina chorp PH 3042 .