damdis, dámdis

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v if they were = Mid.-Ir. díambdis. Laws v 74. 1 , etc.


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n beef, lit. ox-flesh , P. O'C.


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adj o-ā. Generous to troops (of poets etc.). Dubda dathglan damḟial (.i. fial fri dáṁaibh), Fél. G. Apr. 15 .


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n ia, f. (fem. LL 118 a 13 . IT iii 89. 11 .) Usually translated a herd of stags or deer (Stokes, Lism. L. p. 389 , 410 b 2 —but 240. 30 stags in heat , as TTr.² 1159 — Kuno Meyer, Contr.). But the frequent appearance of damgaire in phrases such as `oc búiriud, oc béicid amal dam damgaire, dorddan (daim) damgaire,' and, like cúgaire, as the object of rocluinethar, seems to indicate the meaning a bellowing or roaring of a stag . This is not disproved by the place-name Druimm Damgaire, nor by the passage Lism. L. p. 389 . Damgaire like cúgaire has short penultimate, as shown by the rhyme with `glaine,' Anecd. ii 24. 3 , and by IT iii 89. 11 , both cited below.

ret[h]it daim a dumachaib ri dorddan na damgaire LL 118 a 13 . ceol na psalm go psalmgloine i Rind Ruis Bruic cen buaine: dordan daim duinn damghaire do lecain erce (leg. Erce) uaire, Anecd. ii 24. 3 , ZCP x 369 . mar dachuala in chugaire noco cluinfea in damgair[e] IT iii 89. 11 . docualamur daṁ- ghaire, Laud 615 129 . rogab thra fón sluagh fon innas [s]in cor imbir a búrach forru amal dam ndamgairi, TTr.² 1159 . torchair Donn na daṁghaire ITS vii 32. 25 . robhúirset ┐ robéicset (sc. Ulaid) amal daṁu daṁghaire, Lism. L. 3108 . Buile S. § 11. 3 .

LOC. atát daiṁ díleann ┐ cliathbernadha cét inniu i Cnuc na Cenn ┐ ita damghaire ṡochaide ┐ forngaire ṡluaig et bid he a ainm o aniu cu brath Druim Damghaire (i.e. Cnoc Luinge, Knocklong in Co. Limerick, Onom.), Lism. L. p. 389 .


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n ā, f. The belling of a stag: binni lium ag d.¤ daṁ dá ḟiched benn, Buile S. 78. 7 .—Cf. damairecht.


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n a, f. A bull-fight . bla dam damgal...i slán dona damaib in gail doniat fo feghmum, Laws iii 266. 13 , 16 . Cf. bla con congal .i. slán dona conaib in gal conda doniad, ib. 192. 9 . bla ban catha ban (= bla ban banchath) .i. slán dona mnáib in cath banda doniat, ib. 290. 1 . bla each echtres .i. slán dona hechaib in tres echda doniat, ib. 294. 15 .—damghal ina tarbh a Tarbga (the name of a tale in Mac Coisse's list; the bull-fight referred to is that between Dond Cualnge and Findbennach, see LL 158 a 31 - 38 , Metr. Ds. iii 372. 73 ), Anecd. ii 43. 21 .


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n u, m. An ox-team : climata .i. in damicht ut est nola air iugera hi climata .i. orda no rand, O'Dav. 493 .


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n dim. of dám, IT iii 63. 28 .


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ī, f., n.l. Ox- or stag-island : Daiminis inis na ndam SG i 28. 6 . Devenish in Co. Fermanagh. gen. Ciaran abbas Daiminse AU A.D. 921 .


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npr. A vox nihili, wrongly concluded from such instances as mac daṁlaiṁ BB 94 b 27 = mac dAṁlaibh.


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n harness of oxen for ploughing: cumscugadh in amlaig foraib, Laws, ii 120. 17 . Cf. Contr. 1 amlach.