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Forms: dalbad

n u, m. A lie, falsehood, guile . cen dalbad ṅdil SR 1835 . luidis Doe cen dalmud (v.l. dalbad) BB 369 b 43 —Cf. dalb.


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adj (Connaught) = dalba. See Dinneen, s.v. dalba .


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g s. npr. m. Lec. 591 b 13 .


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I Adj. false, lying, full of guile . duine dalbda SR 4809 .

II Subst. sorcery : O'Cl. O'Br. See dolbda.


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x see 1 dalb.


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adj focherd ... airchur trén ségda sodalbtha (: comartha ) SR 6155 ; well-directed ZCP x 368 . See dolbaid.


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adj o-ā. Multitudinous . ó Boind co Comar nd.¤ Thri nUsci núar, Ériu iv 152. 26 .


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n o,m. A purse ; a lump or fistful of hoarded money , P. O'C. Not sufficiently supported.


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indecl. npr. m. n s. D.¤ mac Comain BB 144 b 29 . g s. mac D.¤ BB 144 b 5 . i Leith D.¤ , ib. 144 c 2 .

dálddae, dáltae

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adj (dálaid Celtica i 234 ) io-iā.

(a) forensis gl. dáldde, Sg 57 a 13 . dalta curialis, ib. 55 b 12 . daldi gl. forinses, Arm. 183 b 2 .

(b) betrothed: luighe ré mnaói nemhphōsta gē do bhedh sí dálta Celtica i 222.430 .


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Forms: tale

v = tale give ! aso phóic duit . dale póic dam RC xx 132. 5 . dale (v.l. tele) dam in cloc ale IT iii 83. 19 . dalei co ndercar LL 251 a 46 .