3 ré

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n [f.] an indefinite number or set (of persons)? ráe .i. iomad: ráe mhaighreadh .i. iomad bradán ( a number, quantity ), O'Cl. Cf. is ré amhlaidh sochaidhe, Met. Gl. Ff. 58 v.l. in écsi nó in re foruallach út fil umat, Corm. p. 36 s.v. prull = ind re, Bodl.; ind ne no ind re no in de, Corm. Y 1059 (p. 91 z) . ma[i]th i[n] rē immidcomairc: Senc[h]ān ēges Ērend uile ind so noble is the company whom thou questionest (?), Corm. Y 1059 (p. 93.2) = in re, Bodl. In the preceding exx. in[d] re offers a close parallel to the Welsh y rhai folld. by an adj. or rel. clause (y rhai iach; y r. sydd yn iach `the healthy') and may be, as suggested by Stokes, Corm. Transl., borrowed from it. mor fher ferrda dodechaid iarsna réib rigda sin, Alex. 473 (description of an army on the march).