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n f. (muir + crech?) a word of doubtful meaning; in follg. exx. seems used to denote a certain distance (on the sea). doronsat maic Miled immarbáig imrama . . . corruc díb Ír . . . murchrech do cach luing, LL 12b23 = muirrdrecht, BB 39b2 = co rug Ír . . . muirchreach (tonn) da ceach luing `advanced a wave before every ship', Leb. Gab. i 248.26 .; cf. co rucustar Ir . . . murcet do gach luing; mur imat ┐ cet .i. tonn, H. 3.18 p. 75 ( O'C. 125 ). regait ind óic diar n-inchaib-ne murcreich, Anecd. i 5.6 . oc cloistin fuama in churaig frisin tir . . . seitigh [= séitidh] huad cona anail co ndeachaid murchreich for muir, IT ii1 181.197 ; `', Wind., but the subj. is perhaps `in curach'. [a] cor i nnoí oin[ṡ]luaisti for murchreth [murcrec v.l.] hi fairrge, Cáin Ad. § 45 (punishment inflicted on a woman guilty of certain crimes); `[she is ] to be put into a boat . . . as a sea-waif (?) upon the sea', Meyer; at the distance of a`muirchrech' out at sea? See Ériu xi 98 where the passage is quoted with a gloss which seems to mean that a `muirchreth' was the dis- tance from land at which a white shield on the shore was still visible. muirchreach .i. tonn, O'Cl. Cf. the expression: noí tonna `nine waves' to denote a distance from the shore.