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Forms: fótalbemmennaib, fotalb., ḟotalsciath

n (fó- ?) a word used with a technical significance in the follg. compds. : ¤béimm n. tuc tra C. f.¤ -béim do, go ro thesc in fót bói fo bund a chossi ... Da mbad áil dó, is da orddain dogenad de, TBC-LL¹ 1886 (= fotbem St, fodalbheim H 2. 17 ) where it is distinguished from faebar-beim and muadal-b. fódalbheim, p. 247 n. 6 (H 2. 17). d p. fótalbemmennaib, 3833 , fotalb., 939 . By Wind. transld. Langschlag or Langhieb ; expld. by Zimmer ZCP iii 295 ff . as a blow directed against the feet or legs ; `quick or vehement strokes ' O'Curry Mann. and Cust.; a vertical stroke ?

¤berrad m. fotolberrad co clais a dá chúlad for cach fir díb, LU 6959 ( BDD 60 ; fotal-, fothal- v.l. ; `a long head of hair ' Stokes, but hair reaching to the nape of the neck would scarcely have been accounted long in early Ireland). Apparently some particular mode of hair-clipping, perhaps `long' (as oppd. to close-cut hair), or hair hanging down straight. ? ¤bial (= ¤biáil a long axe ?) H 3.18, p. 365b ( O'Curry 781 ), quoted under 2 fotach.

¤scíath o, m. a long or oblong shield (?) : fotulsceith .i. sgéith foda mhóra, O'Cl. fotalscéith foraib, LU 4491 (distinct from crómscéith, 4499 ). n d. da ḟotalsciath , 2802 . at firmora a fodailsceth, Ériu viii 24 § 27 .